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3D modeling can give you a beautiful one shot picture of your design. It is more realistic, quicker and easier than 2D. You can also place your project in other 3D models to check clearances, address access and egress, and even visualize sight lines. Easy on the spot changes can be made to determine their viability.3D modeling has changed the way project designs are presented.


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Customer rating for Soch3D's 3D Printing Service : 5/5 from 4 satisified customers.
Western Digital - Bangalore, India
3d Printing Service, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon White

With the help of designs made by the Soch3D design team, we tested our storage devices in extreme temperatures with great success. They prototyped the design using polycarbonate which performed greatly even at 110 deg C.

Allgo embedded Systems - Bangalore, India
3d Printing Service, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Black

Soch3D designed electronic enclosures for our products in autonomous driving vehicles with great precision and quality. We are very happy with the designs delivered by them. They helped us with prototyping and batch production a well.

Imedrix systems - Mumbai, India
3d Printing Service, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Dental Resin Amber

Soch3D designed an electronic enclosure for our product in 2 days with great attention to detail and finesse. Batch production was also done by them using vacuum casting. They were prompt in conveying the design decisions and delivering the design.

Shukran Ahmed - Bangalore, India
3d Printing Service, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Cream

Our company was coming up with a new IoT product. Soch3D team helped us with the industrial design of the product. They even prototyped it using 3D printing. Raj, in particular, was great to work with. They delivered the design in 3 days' time.