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Customer rating for Soch3D's 3D Printing Service - India: 4.81/5 from 99 satisified customers.
Anil S Nahar - Bangalore, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

I placed my requirement for scaled models for my project on a Saturday morning and they delivered me the stuff by Monday morning. Amazing quality and great response time!

Ramona Malya - Bangalore, India
FDM, Low (0.25mm layers, 10% infill) Nylon White

Looked for a good 3D printer in Bangalore and the answer was Soch3D . A blessing in disguise for our latest advertisements . Clarity and quality is their forte. Thank you Soch3D.

Amit Sardesai - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) High-impact Polystyrene White

What makes Soch3D the preferred choice for developing 3D architectural models for my company is their efficiency, commitment, and quick response time. They are thorough professionals.

Surender Reddy - Bangalore, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Translucent

My requirement for good 3D printing service came to an end with Soch3D. The quality , the technology and the knowledge of the team is great. Quick service the is a plus.

Rajeshree Modak - Bangalore, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) ABS SLA Grey

Bangalore’s team of Soch3D is extremely professional in their work. Obliged to Harsha for his great engineering insights to our products. Looking forward to working again with them.

Harish Raj - Bangalore, India
Stereolithography, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Green

Needed SLS printing for my production work. Looked up the internet and found the best reviews for Soch3D in Bangalore. Have not regretted the decision since. Super quality.

Piyush Rajawat - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Polylactic acid Blue

Relief to have found the best in Soch3D . Whether miniature models or 3D printing. They have it all. Bangalore say cheers to such a well-equipped and experienced team.

Rudra Sethi - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) High-impact Polystyrene Black

It was a pleasant experience to get the 3D miniatures for my real estate project developed by them. I am looking forward to working with them in the future again.

Shruti Vagnani - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

I was impressed at the level of enthusiasm and proficiency shown by the team at Soch3D to generate scaled models for my project. They were simply brilliant!

Garima Saraogi - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Developing proper models for my thesis presentation was becoming a big headache for me. Thanks to Soch3D for developing the prototypes and that too in quick response time.

Sumit Menon - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon White

Soch3D ticks the boxes for superior quality and fast delivery as far as good 3D printing service is concerned. I am very satisfied with their work.

Raheem Ahmed- - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) High-impact Polystyrene White

Soch3D is the best 3D printing solution for Vadodra hands-down with their promising and assuring service quality.

Heema shah - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Translucent

Making a toy design has never been so effortless. We hired Soch3D for our product design and they did a wonderful job. Special thanks to Raj for his nice insights into the toy models . Beautiful finish, Great surface finish for even large models.

Ashok Pundit - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) ABS SLA Grey

Our engineering company needed high quality 3D models .Soch3D made our work so easy not only a well done job but a qualitative work too. Vadodara recommended for all.

Bhumi Sen - Kolkata, India
Stereolithography, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Black

My metal designs got a new form,thanks to Soch3D's DMLS technology . Got unbelievable results and unexpected improvisations . Thank you Soch3D for all the help.

Rohit Bose - Kolkata, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

Soch3D, where getting work done for scaled models is so precise that it was a surprise . Keep up the good work.

Kakoli Lodh - Kolkata, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Black

The miniatures for my housing development project are so well made . Thank you Soch3D for the promptness and on time delivery of the same. Great work.

Vikas Anand - Kolkata, India
, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Soch3D was instrumental in developing a medical device prototype just as we had envisioned it. Hats off to their engineering team for making this possible in such a short time frame!

Rajiv Dutta - Kolkata, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon Black

Soch3D is great at implementing the best technology to develop engineering models with superior accuracy and amazing quality. They really know their job.

Siddharth Kapoor - Kolkata, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) PA 12 Nylon White

I didn’t expect Soch3D to come up with such high precision scaled models for my real estate project. But they went way beyond my expectations and I am so glad for that!

Arati Suri - Kolkata, India
, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Dental Resin Amber

The team at Soch3D has got deep understanding of developing architectural models and prototypes. Their 3D creations have given a realistic shape to our ideas.

Dilip Bhattacharya - Kolkata, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) PU-ABS White

There’s no doubt that Soch3D is way ahead in the race when it comes to 3D printing in Kolkata. They offer the best in quality and efficiency.

Anuradha Hampi - Bangalore, India
, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Pankaj can’t thank you enough for your timely help in getting my 3D printing done at such a short notice. Bangalore experience says Soch3D is highly recommended.

Krishnaprasad - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon Black

Working with multiple colors and textures Soch3D came up with great solutions to changes in our models which brought out the magnificence of the project. So grateful to Satish and Pankaj.

Rajan Matthew - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) PA 12 Nylon White

3D printing of high and smooth quality helped us bring in personalized gifts on the ever growning online market . Highly obliged to Soch3D for their team work and great pricing.

Shiva Kumar - Bangalore, India
, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Dental Resin Amber

Great surface finish, smooth parts and fast delivery are the advantages you get at Soch3D. Highly recommended for bulk batch production. Our experience with them has been good and fruitful.

Sailesh Handa - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) PU-ABS White

For my engineering project needed a good quality 3D printing and Soch3D did the job for me with quality and finesse. Absolutely satisfied with the price and professionalism.

Anjal Augastin - Bangalore, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

We needed high-quality 3D engineering models for our new site and that too within a very short time. It was amazing to have Soch3D on board, who have the job possible in record time.

Priya Jha- - Vadodara, India
, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Recently I read about an article about how educational institutes have started using the new technology into their engineering course. Soch3D provided services for a few of our engineering projects. We are genuinely impressed.

Amit Rathod - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon Black

Being a Biomedical equipment designer, we have been using Soch3D as a service partner for our R&D Facility in Vadodra. Designing medical prototypes has never been easier.

How Is 3D Printing in India Contributing in Various Sectors?

The innovative technologies which play a pivotal role in the overall welfare of the whole society are indeed counted the best! The 3D printing services or the 3D technology is one such option which is serving the mankind and our society in various beneficial manners. The 3D printing companies listed in India are associated with different types of businesses and industries. By using this creative and advantageous technique, varied sectors in India are availing plenty of advantages. Let us take a quick glance at the list of sectors in which the 3d printing online India is playing a significant role!

3D Printing Online India Serving the HealthCare Industry

One of the best roles of 3D printing services is their excellent contribution in the field of health and medical science. Ask any doctor that how the use of 3D techniques has helped in saving millions of lives worldwide. 3D printing online India or 3D printing services in India are doing a great job by serving to the healthcare industry. Today, the medical science has the option to diagnose a case in a much better and clearer way. Any disease or affected organ can be explained in an elaborated manner by using the various 3D tools and methods. The diagnosis, as well as the treatment, has become easier to understand with the growing use of 3D methods in them. All across the world, the surgeons are happy to receive significant aid from this amazing skill called 3D. Be it about the surgical equipment, use of any medical device, a surgery process or even a walk-through model of a new hospital, the 3d printing services in India are doing a remarkable job by providing supreme quality 3D prints, desired models, detailed presentation and much more!

3D Printing Services in India Serving the Architectural Needs

The architectural field is also not untouched by the 3d printing services in India. Presently, there are a plethora of 3D printing companies in India which are doing a fantastic job for the architects and their creative projects. The unique and advanced 3D print system, design and manufacturing all come together serving the architectural needs. When you check out the concept models or the scale models created through 3D designing, you will fall in love with them! These models look truly stunning and explain even the tiniest of details in a convincing manner. Also, the interior design area of architectural industry is availing huge advantages from 3D printing companies listed in India. Today, when you hire an interior designer for refurbishing your home, he or she merely explains everything through an effective presentation. In short, you get to know how your house would look exactly with the future changes of interior décor. It is just one example!

3D Printing Online India Benefitting the Jewellery Retailers

3D Printing Online India Benefitting the Jewellery Retailers

The 3D printing services have redefined the world of jewelry for customers as well as for the retailers. Today, you will easily observe that numerous jewelry retailers and casting houses are using 3D ways for the overall success of their business. The use of this enticing technology has provided many profits to the jewelry industry. For example – the manual jewelry molds which are much more time consuming have been replaced by 3D molds. Also, the jewelers do not need to worry about inventory problems as now the manufacturing can be done based on current demands and orders. The 3D process has also delighted the jewelry designers where they can present their jewelry designs in a more alluring manner and that too by saving time that is otherwise spent on creating a design manually. On the part of customer also, the 3D printing services have provided a wonderful experience. The customers can check out various forms of jewelry in many amazing ways. In a nutshell, the 3D printing online India has reduced the expenses and enhanced the productivity of jewelry retailers and designers.

3D Printing Companies in India Helping the Engineers

The 3D printing services in India are strengthening the engineering sector too. By making creative designs and prototyping, the 3D printing companies in India are not only simplifying engineering but are also making it interesting and easy to understand. The 3D methods are being utilized for explaining machines, different parts, models, designs and various other projects related to engineering. The ease to learn and understand can be observed in the engineering sector. The use of advanced materials and separate prints of different parts have benefitted the engineers in multiple ways. The growing use of 3D methods in engineering is enhancing the work capability and performance of engineers. 

3D Printing Companies in Indian Automotive Sector

3D Printing Online India Benefitting the Jewellery Retailers

The automotive sector is indeed one of the most benefitting sectors in India through the use of 3D ways. Be it the concept vehicle designing, the presentation of vehicle parts, rapid automotive production, introduction to a new model, or just any other thing; the 3D printing is doing wonders for the automotive industry in India. The 3D printing online India has highly transformed the automotive sector. Adding pace and better techniques, the 3D ways have uplifted the automotive industry.

The Utter Significance of 3D printing services in India

The distinct role of 3D printing services and its importance can be summed up through few points. We are sharing the top three with you!

  • Enhancing the overall productivity of industries - We hope that reading about the significant role of 3D printing online India or 3D printing services in India as explained above would have convinced you for the value being added to different sectors through 3D techniques. Be it any sector; there is one common denominator for all of them. Well, there is no doubt that the involvement of 3D technologies has enhanced the performance, features, presentation, and productivity of different industries. If any industry is not using 3D techniques and the market trends related to the same, it is merely keeping it confined to average productivity and outcome.
  • A good option for all sorts of businesses & industries - The 3D printing services are not only meant for big business giants or established industries. Preferably, the new techniques and tools related to 3D are well utilized for small businesses and even the startups as well. If you have recently stepped into the world of 3D procedures or do not know how using the same will help your business, you can just contact a genuine and reputable 3D printing hub like Soch3D. It explains everything to the customers in a unique way so that you get a better idea about your project. One can also take help from the 3D workshops being organized by various 3Dprinting services in India. These workshops let you know about the 3D method and their uses in a fascinating way. You also get the opportunity to see various devices and materials which are used in creating a 3D model, presentation or project.
  • 3D printing as a unique and impactful career option - 3D printing can also opt as a great career option wherein you pursue the relevant course and earn the degree to master the 3D skills. Once you think that you have gained the right knowledge and experience along with the proper qualification, you can either apply for a relevant position or can even set up a small company.

Soch3D offers best 3d printing service in india. Here are the major cities:

Why 3D Printing Manufacturers India Is Worth Hiring?

3D printing is a fantastic technology that is being utilized in various fields. While it is famous all over the world, finding the right professionals in 3D services is quite a challenge. However, it is valuable to mention that taking help of 3D printing manufacturers India or 3D printing companies in India is worth the effort. We share the few fantastic ways by which the 3D printing manufacturers India or 3D printing companies in India can help you with your personal or business objectives.

Cater to various sectors – The 3D printing manufacturers India are providing their brilliant services to different industries. Be it the sector of jewelry, medicine, education, retail, aerospace or something else, the Indian companies related to 3D facilities are capable of providing topnotch features and services to their esteemed customers. It is a delightful fact that any business or individual that contacts the Indian market for excellent 3D services gets the right options to choose as the 3D printing manufacturers in India are quite experienced in serving various industries with specific demands for each of them. Try the Indian manufacturer in 3D printing for architecture, lifestyle, consumer goods or any other industry and they will not only match but exceed your expectation.

Use best 3D printing materials

3D Printing manufacturing companies in India

The 3D printing manufacturers in Indian can be trusted for their excellent quality 3D materials. Delivering and using the best of materials, these manufacturers ensure that you as a customer get the best 3D services. Many reliable 3D printing manufacturers also offer the clients to choose the material for their project. This way the clients can get the project delivered with the desired 3D elements involved in it.

Cost affordable in comparison to their other counterparts – The 3D services are accessible all across the globe. Thus, you can come across numerous 3D manufacturers or companies around the world. But the reason why the 3D printing manufacturers India come as a preferred choice is quite simple! Well, these manufacturers are quite affordable in comparison to other options. Moreover, these manufacturers are quite promising in the quality of materials and services which they provide. Thus, in a nutshell, you get excellent quality 3D deals in the affordable price range.

Give you profitable growth – By helping you with beautiful and impactful designs and by providing you the best of models, the 3D printing manufacturers India or 3D printing companies in India help your organization to move towards profitable growth. We all know that brilliant manufacturing, designing, and presentation is indispensable to the success of any business. The same element can be achieved by taking help of 3D printing manufacturers or companies in India.

Work according to your specific needs – Every business is different and so are the business needs! You can explain your particular business requirements to the established 3D printing manufacturers in India. They will not only provide you a customized 3D package as per your needs but will also explain the benefits of using the same.

We believe that the above points must have convinced you that why 3D printing manufacturers India is worth hiring!