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Customer rating for Soch3D's 3D Printing Service - Vadodara: 4.76/5 from 17 satisified customers.
Binoy Mukherjee - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) ABS SLA White

My real estate project got a boost thanks to Soch3D for their excellent miniatures of our project. Thank you all for the pleasant experience.

Ashok Pundit - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) ABS SLA Grey

Our engineering company needed high quality 3D models .Soch3D made our work so easy not only a well done job but a qualitative work too. Vadodara recommended for all.

Saurav Dey - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

One of my friends from Vadodara suggested the idea of using 3D Printing for making creative Glow-signs for my local advertising agency. With top notch printing quality, clients are never disappointed.

Jon D’souza - Vadodara, India
, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

I would like to mention Pankaj for assisting me through online ordering at Soch3D. He was extremely helpful with instant quote generation and smooth ordering process.

Rahul Dev - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

I have been searching for a trusted 3D printing company in Vadodra and found Soch3D. They have a variety of options and Harsha from Soch3D helped me buy the right one.

Sumit Menon - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon White

Soch3D ticks the boxes for superior quality and fast delivery as far as good 3D printing service is concerned. I am very satisfied with their work.

Ali Mohmmed - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

They've provided very decent SLA parts for myy project at a very good price.

Amar Dey - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill)

Working with Soch3D for the production of all our models made us realize there is so much hard work involved . Raj and team thanks for the best deal.

Vivek Joshi - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Black

If you need exceptional 3D printing in Vadodara, you can always depend on Soch3D. They have got a wonderful team who are out and out experts at their job.

Garima Saraogi - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Developing proper models for my thesis presentation was becoming a big headache for me. Thanks to Soch3D for developing the prototypes and that too in quick response time.

Raheem Ahmed- - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) High-impact Polystyrene White

Soch3D is the best 3D printing solution for Vadodra hands-down with their promising and assuring service quality.

Shruti Vagnani - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill)

I was impressed at the level of enthusiasm and proficiency shown by the team at Soch3D to generate scaled models for my project. They were simply brilliant!

Shiva V - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Black

Being a part of the design team of an IoT firm, incorporating new technologies is one of our ways of bringing business. Pankaj from Soch3D guided me for the right printing solutions and has been a boon literally in making scaled models with great surface

Heema shah - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) ABS SLA Translucent

Making a toy design has never been so effortless. We hired Soch3D for our product design and they did a wonderful job. Special thanks to Raj for his nice insights into the toy models . Beautiful finish, Great surface finish for even large models.

Amit Rathod - Vadodara, India
FDM, Normal (0.2mm layers, 25% infill) Nylon Black

Being a Biomedical equipment designer, we have been using Soch3D as a service partner for our R&D Facility in Vadodra. Designing medical prototypes has never been easier.

Priya Jha- - Vadodara, India
, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill) Polylactic acid Cream

Recently I read about an article about how educational institutes have started using the new technology into their engineering course. Soch3D provided services for a few of our engineering projects. We are genuinely impressed.

Uday Jadhav - Vadodara, India
FDM, High (0.10mm layers, 40% infill)

Using products from Soch3D has revolutionized my business. Being an architect, 3D Printing has pushed my creativity into real life models. They shipped my models very fast

3D Printing Service Vadodara

Gujarat's third biggest city- Vadodara is a growing centre of innovation & economy. It is known for its cloth industry and royal history. However, now, it is much more.

Large scale industries such as Indian Oil Corporation and Gujarat State Fertilizers have their plants in or around the city of Vadodara. 35% of India's power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers are in Vadodara.

It is safe to say that the city is on the way to being a technological hub. All the diverse industries hosted here, colleges and schools as well as art developers together create a big demand for 3D printing services. 3D printed jewelleries, 3D printed miniatures and 3D printed figurines are gradually spreading in the market of art lovers as well as interior designers.

Best 3D Printing in Vadodara Online

Looking for best 3d printing services in vadodara? SOCH3D is known for it's expert 3d printing services in baroda with 24/7 customer support from elite college graduates, affordable costs ranging around Rs.200/hr for FDM Process, RS.80 - Rs.120/cc for SLA and aiming to launch all other processes soon. Soch3d provides instant price quote on upload of your model thereby providing you the best 3d printing price in vadodara along with constant updates & customer support till you receive your order.

Soch3d is a 3d printing startup started in Sep 2018 by two young iitians with a motive of becoming the best cost effective manufacturing solution for today's engineering requirements. May it be a mobile casing, a architecture model or medical & dental applications, Soch3d is the place for getting best quality 3d printed parts. Soch3d understands design and has been effective in providing best 3d modeling services across india.

3D Printing: An Introduction

Before we discuss the best 3D printing services in Vadodara, let's discuss what do we mean by 3D printing. 

A range of processes that yield a physical object based on computer aided design (CAD) is know as 3D printing. The object is usually made with a material added layer by layer to replicate the digital model. 

This technology is getting popular by day because of its quick turnaround time. One can print an object within hours. 

There are multiple processes which can be categorised as 3 D printing( such as Injection modelling, SLM, Binder Jetting etc), we discuss some below: 

  1. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): 

    This is the most common variant of 3D printing. Under this process, thermal plastic materials are used to print the objects. It’s a popular choice for producing functional prototypes, concept models, and manufacturing aids.
  2. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS):

    In this method, material powders are used to create an object by adding up all the layers. This process can use nylon, ceramics, glass etc. 
  3. Stereolithography (SLA): 

    This particular method is one of the fastest prototyping process. To generate a 3D object out of CAD file, liquid photopolymers are added layer by layer. To remove extra resin, a finishing bath may be given to the object. 
  4. Binder Jetting (BJ): 

    This is another popular type of 3D printing service. A powdered based material and a binding object are needed for this process. Some materials that can be used are ceramics, metals, plastics etc. 

Which Industries Need 3D Printing?

For technology enthusiasts, it is no news that 3D printing is changing manufacturing processes, class projects, medical procedures and our living rooms. Some examples: 

  • Manufacturing:
    Automobiles, aviation and consumer goods are only some of the industries where the presence of 3D printed objects is prevailing. 3D printed architectural models, 3D printed car parts and 3D printed plastic products are changing the manufacturing world by saving time and money. 
  • Medical: 
    Medical fraternity have made the best use of such a technology. 3D printed medical devices, 3D printed prosthetics and implants are changing the way a patient was taken care of earlier. 
  • Food: 
    When NASA gets to print pizza in space or you get to buy a specially shaped pasta, you have 3D printing to thank. Food industry has seen a major change in the way food was viewed, even the ingredients are customised as per the customer's wants. 

Other applications of 3D printing involves aviation, construction, dental treatments and furnitures. There are so many products out there in the market that we don't realise have been produced by the help of 3D printing. From plastic cups to earrings, we are utilising the wonders of this innovative technology which is also saving lives. Find the best 3D printing services in Vadodara here.

A Quick Glance at 3D Printing Service Vadodara

The force of well-educated, well-trained & knowledgeable people

Many times, when you approach a service provider for some technical work, you find that the involved personals are not as qualified and trained as they should be. But this is not the case with 3D printing Vadodara! When you meet, contact or hire any 3D printing service in Vadodara, you will be glad to find a perfect team in most of the options. The companies dealing in 3d printing services India, Vadodara recruit people who are quite qualified and experienced in their relevant field. These people do not only possess the essential qualification and degrees, but they also own the practical knowledge on how to best utilize the 3D printing services for clients. Thus, you can stay assured of assigning your projects to the right hands.

Customer Oriented

Being qualified is one thing and responding in a well-framed and satisfied manner to the customers is yet another side of the coin! However, dealing with companies of 3D printing Vadodara will let you know that they are entirely customer oriented. The professionals related to 3D printing in Vadodara listen very carefully and patiently to the particular requirements of their clients. Based on these business requirements, the 3D printing service providers frame a plan which includes specific objectives that have to be achieved in time.

Utilization of top quality 3D materials

Another noticeable feature about 3D printing Vadodara service is that it makes sure to use good quality 3D materials. Be it Nylon, Polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), flexible ABS, sandstone, Polymethyl Methacrylate, PA Nylon powder or just any other material related to 3D printing; you get them to choose at 3D printing in Vadodara. Also, while hiring a service provider for 3D printing in Vadodara, you can discuss and select the materials that have to be involved in your task. Be it rapid prototyping, scale models or just a simple 3D print, the 3D printing service in Vadodara works in the right manner. Be it a small startup or an established industry, the 3D printing services India Vadodara are worth hiring and never let you regret your decision of choosing them for fulfilling your professional objectives adequately.

One more alluring point about 3D printing Vadodara is that you will find companies which have rich experience in helping to varied industries and sectors. Be it architecture, education, medical 3D printing, aerospace, jewelry or any other industry, the 3D printing in Vadodara is playing a pivotal role in providing fantastic 3D services. Using the best 3D printers and other essential elements, the 3D printing service in Vadodara is worth praising. And that’s not all; if you wish, you can also get valuable services in 3D designing including CAD modeling, 3D rendering, etc.