Multi Jet Fusion


MJF is a process that can produce multi-colored or multi-textured parts. MJF parts are stronger and more homogenous than SLS parts. Processing time is also less in MJF compared to SLS. In Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) an array of inkjet nozzles dispense fusing and detailing agents selectively on a bed of nylon powder, which is then fused by heating elements into a solid layer. Using different detailing agents multi-colored or different textured parts can be made.


Nylon is tough and partially flexible. It has high impact resistance too. It is an ideal choice for printing durable parts. It has good heat resistance too.


Material Name Material Unit Material Cost
Nylon cc ₹ 70


Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting is used on SLS and MJF parts to give them a smooth finish after printing is done. The output parts of these processes generally have a rough surface finish. Sand Blacsting can help smooth their surfaces to a good extent.


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