Surgeons often have to make surgical decisions based on diagnostic tools such as CT scan or MRI, X-Ray etc. All these methods provide slices of scans of the target organ of the patient. With sophisticated processes like CT scan and MRI the data can be stitched to create a 3D rendering of the scan data. Though this data gives a comprehensive idea of the issue at hand they are often viewed on 2D screens or monitors which don’t convey the complete information. text CT Scan and MRI of a Knee

This is where 3D printing can play a crucial role. The DICOM data from CT scan or MRI or ultrasound can be condensed into a 3D model replicating the exact condition of the organ under observation. 3D printing can replicate an exact physical model of the scan data at a very low cost. The cost of such a model is often less than what a typical CT scan or an MRI would cost. This can be done in a matter of hours providing an unique insight into the patient’s condition, thus helping doctors plan the surgery in a precise and less risky way.

Here is such an example where 3D printing was used to replicate the condition of a patient’s knee. These models provide a comprehensive idea including complex textures of bone marrow and fine details of cartilage and deterioration of bones due to any condition of the patient. These models were made for JAJAL MEDICAL SERVICES by Soch3D who are striving to implement latest technological advancements in medical and healthcare field. text 3D model of knee -Fig1 text 3D model of knee -Fig2

3D printing can also be used to make ultra-realistic models of body parts for training students in the intricacies of the human organs. Below are some examples.

text A dynamic 3D model of knee -Fig1 text A dynamic 3D model of knee -Fig1 Here is another example where a model of human heart was 3d printed in translucent material showing all the details of one of the most important organ in the human body.

text A translucent 3D printed model off a human heart

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