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Transforming Traditional Manufacturing

At Soch3D, with attention to even the tiniest detail and utilization of multiple 3D printing processes, we have been able to build exceptional architectural models for our clients helping them during the design and sales pitch of a project. 3D printing enables building even the toughest contours and elevations with ease. Our low price point enabled students getting their models done for their thesis presentations too.
With the help of 3D printing artists can create beautiful, intricate pieces. 3D printing helps materialise the invisible. Your imagination is truly the limit.
Decorative items like vases, lamps and interior decorations can be 3D printed. 3D printing helps customize these things according to one’s taste.
When you create your electronic device, the design and the ergonomy of the enclosure is as much important as the features. To fill this important requirement, you can count on the ability of 3D printing to create complex shapes in a very short amount of time. 3D printing is the fastest prototyping technology because it allows creating unique prototypes without any mold which means that the price of the part is low.
Prototyping of functional engineering designs and batch production of parts has never been easier, thanks to 3d printing. With 5 years of experience in the field, Soch3D assures dimensional accuracy and perfect fit for your engineering parts. We also ensure the best quality of finish for your parts with our unique post processing methods and quality control.
Gift your friends and loved ones a 3D printed model of themselves. You can mix and match with superheroes or bobble heads or your favourite animated characters.
3d printing offers the ability to produce low cost and customizable anatomically correct models used for education and training. Alongside this, 3D Scanning and CT Data can be used to produce bespoke models from client data for the best possible diagnosis. and when it comes to treating medical conditions, 3d printing can be used to create braces, joint replacements, and even to print replacements for large sections of lost bone structure. At Soch3D we use medical grade materials suitable for direct use.
We offer comprehensive design and prototyping services that help bring ideas into the real world. It doesn’t matter if it is just an idea or advanced design, we can help get your product to the market. Our services include CAD design, Finite element analysis, Design for manufacturing to name a few.

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