About Us

Soch3D is a next generation manufacturing company with a tagline "CREATE & MAKE PRODUCTS". Our vision is transforming traditional manufacturing to bring product ideas into real world with the help of cutting-edge technologies. We identified the main problem of traditional manufacturing is longer time to market and higher costs associated.


CREATE refers to design/modeling, we are trying to accomplish this by providing design service with our team of expert 3d design engineers from elite colleges. We also offer rapid prototyping services at a reasonable cost. With the advent of 3d printing, the cost of prototyping has come down multiple fold.


Over the years, we have built an ecosystem of conventional and unconventional manufacturing processes including CNC and 3D Printing Processes (FDM, SLA & SLS). Since 3d printing is a relatively new technology, we are working on design & development of various products in different fields to tap its potential and educate people about 3d printing.

What we offer:

3D printing services in all popular processes like FDM,SLA,SLS in a wide of range of materials:
Nylon FPU
Carbon fiber PEEK
Metal filled
Wood filled
Subtractive prototyping services in materials like acrylic, aluminum, wood, MDF, vinyl.
Laser engraving:
Laser engraving on acrylic, wood.
Conventional manufacturing:
Turning, Milling, Grinding, Cutting etc.

How we are unique:

We offer true transparency in the 3d printing service by offering instant quote generation and detailed billing upon upload of your model and fast delivery service.Even 3d printing has its limitations, so we offer design insights to improve your design for it to be prototyped. To capitalize the true potential of 3d printing and educate people about it, we are foraying into medical and healthcare fields by developing products and solutions like custom prosthesis and orthopedic devices. We are striving to customize medical equipment for faster and better healing of patients’ ailments.