Marketing helps businesses build a relationship with their customers. It is a channel used to inform customers about the products or services offered by the companies and provide insights into their workings. Often companies need aids for marketing.

Bloom Energy is one such company where marketing aids like miniature models could help them explain to their customers how their products function and showcase the relevance of their product in their customers’ functioning. They build sustainable energy solutions in the form of on-site energy servers that help their customers fulfil their energy needs while helping the planet.

To demonstrate their energy servers to their customers they wanted miniature models with all the details of their product. Doing this is difficult in a conventional process because of process limitations, lead times and cost effectiveness. This is where 3D printing got involved and solved their requirement in a matter of hours at a fraction of cost. Soch3D helped them 3D print miniature models of their products which their sales teams would use to illustrate to their potential customers.

Here are some sample images of the models made for Bloom Energy. text text


About Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy's mission is to make clean, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone in the world. T...