From waiting for days to get the models of crowns or implants, dental industry has moved to solving their patients’ problems in hours, all thanks to 3D printing. A lot of dental applications require precision because of the complexity involved. SLA 3D printers can do just that in a matter of minutes. If a patient goes to a dentist with a broken tooth, the dentist can scan the tooth, upload the scan into a software and 3D print a crown all in a matter of an hour. Patients don’t have to wait for days, sometimes weeks to get their implants done. This is the true power of technology.

Das dental clinic who offer multiple specialties in dentistry wanted to put this to test and approached Soch3D for the same. They wanted surgical guides for implant surgery 3D printed for a patient. Conventional surgical guides would take at least a week to be made. With the help of 3D printing the surgical guide was made in 2 hours and delivered to them. Important thing to note is that the surgical guides were made of bio compatible FDA approved materials. Their patient could be treated in a matter of two days instead of two weeks with the power of 3D printing. The cost of making the surgical guide was 3 times less than what it would have costed otherwise.

Another useful application of 3D printing is to make ultra-realistic dentures and other dental equipment to teach students, various dental procedures. Some other applications include night guards, tooth models etc.

Some images of components 3D printed relating to dental industry made by Soch3D.

text3D printed surgical guide - 1 3D printed surgical guide - 23D printed surgical guide - 2

text 3D printed denture- lower jaw text3D printed denture- Upper Jaw

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