With a week of time, the Indian unit came up with an idea for the 3d design of the scaled model and approached Soch3D with an image of the UAV for miniature model making.


Project nature:

3d modelling and model making

3D modelling intent:

Modular design for ease of 3d modelling, handling and painting

3D modelling process analysis:

  • Model proportions were established using the reference image
  • UAV model was broken into 3 parts for ease of 3d printing and painting: Body, left and right wing
  • Small features such as bolts and screw holes were treated a modelling features not as Assembly parts
  • Screwing arrangement was given at the bottom to screw it to a stand
  • A solid section was made all the screw holes to hold the inserts and screws in place

    3d modeling of the Assembly

    Ferra India team had placed their trust on Soch3D to 3D design and deliver the memento with reasonable realism. Their trust was honored by the Soch3D team as they were being kept updated about the design progress and challenges. After the 3D design phase, Ferra team was kept in the communication loop in the production phase.



3ft model images

The team was delighted by the final outcome and happily went on to showcase their concept at AeroExpo.

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