Project Brief & Directions:

To create Memento for the event having a tractor, a generator, an excavator and a Fuel Pump

  • Detailed
  • Colourful
  • Size: proportional – Tractor, fuel pump, excavator : Fuel pump size – biggest of all, for emphasis

Our Process:

Establishing the look and feel/expectations

  • The team was sent images of two different tractors, excavators and generators to make stylistic choice
  • Color choice was narrowed down to 2-3 colors per model

Communicating the production process:

  • Based on above choice, 3d models of the tractor, generator and the excavator were to be developed for 3d printing.
  • 3D Printing technology used: SLA and FDM
  • Painting methods: Spray and hand painting
  • Acrylic enclosure to made for housing

The team confirmation the look and feel of the 3d model models, consequently they were developed for 3D Printing.

Layout of the developed 3d models

3D Printed models

Painted Models

The memento was delivered on time. The Bosch team was really happy with the outcome, in their own words: “It was Fantastic”.

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