Imagine if we had not progressed beyond stone-age tools and implements: we might go home tonight and do a load of laundry by banging our socks with a big stone in the neighborhood stream. New products respond to the wants and needs of the populace and stimulate higher standards of living. The processes of developing new products provide employment and economic well-being for those directly associated with them and for persons employed in supporting industries. Thus, when innovation processes are properly managed (the proper management of innovation processes is the subject of another discourse), an expanding variety of new products stream forth. These products respond to the changing needs of a society whose welfare is constantly increasing.

With innovation at the heart of their culture companies like VISA constantly encourage their employees to come up with new ideas. They realize this goal by conducting different events and competitions that inspire their employees and drive them towards excellence. What’s an innovation event without creative and creative reward. Rewards typically meant metal or glass plaques or trophies that people don’t cherish anymore.

So they turned to Soch3D to come up with a new reward design that would reflect the ideals of the competition and inspire the participants. All this in a span of 3 days. The idea was modeled in 3D using CAD software and then, with the help of 3D printing this idea was realized and creative rewards were designed for the participants.

Take a look below at the final outcome: text 3D CAD Model text 3D Printed outcome text


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