Laptop stub for replication using 3D modeling

Required parts were 3D modeled from their respective samples, then 3D Printed, tested and refined as per the feedback.

Replicated Laptop Stub & hinge supports

3D Printed Exhaust net, painted to match the Laptop's body color

Spare parts were fabricated in ABS and Nylon Plastic using FDM, SLS and MJF 3D Printing technologies. FDM technology offers very quick fabrication with 1-2 days of lead with acceptable quality and durability in relatively less cost as compared to SLS and MJF.

SLS and MJF produces very accurate net shape parts in white/grey colored Nylon. Parts printed in Nylon are strong, elastic and durable compared to FDM ABS parts and are mostly used where durability and strength is utmost important, like in Laptop Stubs. Their relative downside is a little high cost and higher lead time up to 7 days.

Post Processing:

The ABS and MJF parts can be manually sanded to make the surface smooth, spray painted to get the desired look. SLS parts are usually sandblasted, dyed in hot color bath for coloring.

After getting accurate spares support from Soch3D, WE Enterprises decreased their total lead time to refurbish laptops. It was able to add value to their existing refurbishing process by adopting 3D printing.

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